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“The Swede, the Reaper, and the Immigrant Dude”: the most enchanting and diverse worlds in the KOGAMA series games

The three-dimensional world of games KOGAMA series invites you to plunge into the most unusual and unusual environment, where gamers will be surrounded solely by geometrically-regular shapes. Overcoming obstacles, the hero rushes towards adventures where he needs to race, shoot weapons and fight with the sword, dive, jump over obstacles, fly and run, “whither look”. For Kogam, nothing is impossible, because he can do anything! There will be no shortage of surprises here, because the whole planet is at your disposal now. Ready to conquer exciting virtual 3D worlds?

"Speed" adventure

Kogama loves non-standard competitions and “jumps to the ceiling”, having received an invitation to parkour competitions. Our hero has long trained and improved his own skills. Now he is ready to fight with his rivals and show the highest class. In the game Kogama Speedrun Legend in front of you open the best cards with many difficult obstacles. Jump, roll up and climb walls to get to the flag faster than your opponents do. Complete challenging acrobatics without slowing down to become the most “jumping” champion.
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City streets from the world of the game Kogama: D Day are plunged into chaos, because there are always battles between several teams. You have to plunge into the thick of this confrontation. Having defined the team, you will find yourself on the battlefield, find a weapon and meet the enemy. Your task is to destroy the enemy and stay alive. The fight is about to begin. Ready to win?
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"Star" Zoo

Heroes of the game Kogama: Zoo (New Update) love to visit the zoo. They learned that a new amusement park was opening, where the zoo is combined with a racing track. Here you can move on high-speed vehicles or bypass the territory on foot, collecting the hidden stars. You have to go through an exciting quest in the world of wild animals and collect all the bonuses faster than your opponents receive them. Do you have the courage to get into the cage to the predator to get a prize?
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