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The world of square people: the best pixel adventures in virtual space

Classic pixel games are reborn in the new format. In the online space, you will always find something to do with square heroes. Pass quests, travel through bright worlds, get rewards and participate in battles with pixel men. Shooters, races, platformers, arcades, quests and other genres fit perfectly into the pixel environment. We agree that the pixels rule?

Lego Princess in the world tour

Square princesses from the world of Lego and Disney want to look stylish, going on a world tour. Lady adventurers are going to visit the most unusual resorts and choose a unique look for each occasion. Elsa, Moana, Pocahontas and Jasmin want to look harmonious in all the places they are going to visit. Fashionable women from Lego Princesses are ready for adventure. Turn lego princesses into beautiful travelers!
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Pixel special forces fight the walking dead

The Pixel SWAT Zombie Survival survival game plunges you into a blocky world where a catastrophe happened that turned many people and animals into zombies. You find yourself in the epicenter of the apocalypse, and the walking dead flooded the street and prey on living people. To protect civilians in this shooter you have to fight back the living dead. Want to stroll through the pixel streets where the zombies will attack from all sides?
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Revenge in the pixel kingdom

In the fantasy world of Extreme Fast Pixel Bullet, you will be handed a destructive weapon from which you need to shoot to kill your opponents. Fast pixel bullet at any time can hit you or your opponents. Use cover to avoid meeting with the bullet of the enemy, and open fire as soon as the enemy appears on the horizon.
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Block battalion

In the square world, hotbeds of war erupted. You enter the battle from one of the belligerent states. Once on the battlefield, you will lead a detachment of soldiers, giving them orders and sending them into the thick of battle. In the pixel state of the game Blocky Squad you will lead a battalion that will go to the battlefield. You need to create your army, think over the battle strategy and extinguish the center of the battle. Large-scale battles await square players.
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