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This Wild Wild West: Western Games on the most incredible adventures of cowboys

Gold miners and people who dream of living in a free country, massively gathered in the Wild West. However, these territories were liked not only by courageous cowboys, but also by robbers who robbed passengers of trains and stagecoaches. In the next games you will go to the origins of the birth of America, when the gold rush swept many people, and the fearless cowboys constantly practiced accuracy and speed of shooting, horse riding agility and skill. Do you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the Wild West, which at that time was really wild?

Three bullets for a cowboy

Life in the Wild West is full of adventures and dangers. Even while resting from searching for criminals or taming horses, our heroes cannot be safe. In the game SHOOT OR DIE WESTERN DUEL you will find a Mexican duel. After knocking over a couple of glasses of whiskey in the saloon, the brave guys used to challenge each other. In one of these duels got involved and our hero. Here he took a sombrero, stands in front of the enemy and is waiting for the command to a shot. Put your hand on the holster, because you will have only a second to grab the revolver and shoot first!
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Sheriff on assignment

In ancient times, gangsters felt free in the Wild West. They felt their impunity, engaging in robbery and robbery. Criminal gangs wanted to control entire cities. The sheriff could agree to become only a “suicide” or a desperate fighter for justice, because the servants of the law had to fight alone with lawlessness. In the game OLD WEST SHOOTOUT, the gangsters arrived in a small town and took a saloon, taking hostages. To teach them the rules of good tone, charge a revolver!
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Cowboys don't give up

A resident of the virtual square world of Kogama, he heard plenty of legends about the Wild West and set off on an adventure. But he did not become a cowboy, just wearing a cowboy hat. Now the character from the game KOGAMA WEST TOWN will have to become a real hero who fights crime. Desert, at first glance, the territory carries many dangers. Help Kogame find pistols and become an agile shooter to defend against enemies and save the city. Dive into the atmosphere of a western with a square man!
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