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"Toy Story": games where you will meet with the revived toy heroes

Dolls, superheroes, cars, soldiers, military equipment and other toys are bored. They are tired of gathering dust on the shelves of shops and children's rooms. The lively fairytale characters from the following games want to have fun. Ready to go with them in a virtual "toy" adventure?


Rachel loves toys and recently got a dream job. Now she is the owner of a toy store, which is loved by children from all over the city. In the game Superhero Toy Shop, superhero dolls were brought to your store. But before the new toys get on the shop window and take their place there, they need to pick up beautiful puppet outfits. Choose stylish clothes, shoes and accessories so that the dolls in the window look gorgeous.
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Puppet Race

The highway is ready, and the toy cars are at the start. In this game, gamers can immerse themselves in the magical world of childhood. Risk and feel the drive, ride on the ring road, driving a toy racing car. In the game Slot Car Racing, you can go to a single race and choose the mode of fast racing or competition with real opponents. Imagine that you are on a real race track and enjoy virtual racing!
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Brave motor transport

Fire truck, ambulance and police leave for the guard of the city. They need to hurry, because in the game Car Toys Season criminals break the peace on the streets of the metropolis. Order in the toy world will be restored!
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Kingdom of puppet monsters

Famous sisters Kendall and Kylie love the animated series Monster High and have a collection of monster dolls. But the girls forgot to close the window and during the hurricane the dolls scattered throughout the room. Together with the heroes of the game Jenner Sisters Matching Monster High you need to collect all the dolls and dress them up for the upcoming exhibition. Help monster dolls find their style!
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Ice kingdom in the world of dolls

The heroine of the game Ice Princess Doll House received a real snow house as a gift, where princesses Anna and Elsa live with their parents. You can decorate the puppet castle according to your taste. Imagine and show your design talents to decorate the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and dining room, hallway and attic. Become the best palace decorator!
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