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Travel to the future with mini games about robots

It is possible to slightly reveal the secret of the future with online mini games about robots. With such games you are waiting for exciting adventures, original tasks and very unexpected characters. There are many genres of games on this subject, but they are all equally interesting and unique. Manage robots, be friends with them, have fun in their company and go in search of adventure in the unknown world of the future. Online mini games about robots are waiting for you, so start playing them right now.

Exciting Action Robot Escape

Embark on a new uncharted planet full of monsters with the online mini-game Robot Escape. Having landed on a new planet, an innovative robot will have to explore it, but evil monsters residing on the planet can destroy the robot. Help the electronic character fulfill its important mission and explore a new planet. Move around the planet very carefully and quickly, because you need to avoid colliding with monsters and deliver the sample to the ship.
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Create robots with Robot Maker

Feel like a real robot with the online mini-game Robot Maker. You will be able to independently assemble a wide variety of robots and program them to perform various actions. There is a lot of work to do, because you need to collect several variants of robots, and the time for passing levels is limited. To assemble the robot, install its parts in the indicated places, if everything is done correctly, then at the end of the level the robot you have made will surprise you with a cheerful dance.
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Back Home - help the bewildered robot

The completely young and confused robot is lost, he needs to find his way home as quickly as possible, but he cannot do without your help. Help the little robot to reach the goal in the online mini game Back Home. Go through difficult levels, collect coins to buy upgrades and try to save the life of the robot. Remember, to go to the next level you need to find the key. Oh yeah, and watch the robot charge, we recommend to buy a charge in time to avoid trouble during the passage of the location.
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Rooftop Walk with Cross The Bridge

Funny and funny robot decided to walk on the roofs of skyscrapers, not realizing how dangerous it is. Prevent the fall of the robot from the roof in the online mini-game Cross The Bridge. You will need to quickly build bridges between the houses, until the robot has taken a fatal step forward. If you build ferries correctly and in time, you can protect the robot and help it collect the maximum bonus coins.
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