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Try yourself in the role of a pilot playing exciting online games about planes

Online games about planes provide an exciting opportunity to feel like a real fighter pilot. There is a huge number of different simulators in which you need to complete the task and destroy the enemy in a short period of time. bombers are equipped with first-class weapons, so you only need to aim the sight and open fire. These games are filled with tasks of different types, so boys of all ages will like them. It will be necessary to come up with military strategies to destroy enemy aircraft, learn to shoot straight, and properly analyze the situation at the front. Earn money to improve your airplane, and destroy opponents with a minimum of effort.

Pilot Heroes (Pilot Heroes)

Rather, sit at the helm to feel like a pilot of a real bambardier. You have to go through several missions to earn bonus points. First fly through circles, then collect the maximum amount of diamonds in your path, and go to the sea to save the drowning people. You have to perform a huge number of missions in different locations, and you will not be bored for sure. Increase your pilot level to get more challenging tasks. The game has bright graphics and amazing sound, so everyone will like it.
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World War Pilot (World War Pilot)

This game will send you to the thick of military events. You will manage the aircraft, which is sent to explore, to find out the location of the enemy troops. Be careful, because if you spot radars without a fight you can not do. Dodge the enemy missiles, and at the same time try to destroy as many bombers as possible. Also destroy ground structures to cause maximum damage to the enemy.
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Micro Pilots

In this game, all items have very small sizes, but this does not affect their functioning. You will become a pilot of a small plane, but before that you need to pass several tests. First, make a certain number of flights trying not to touch the building and other obstacles on the way. Further tasks will require maximum concentration from you. Try to keep the plane at a certain height, because if it falls, you will have to start the level from the beginning.
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