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Wake-up call: games whose heroes are in a hurry to “gnaw the granite of science” or say goodbye to school years

School is a long life for every person and many people want to live during their school years so that they can be remembered with nostalgia and light sadness in their soul. Our heroes are planning to spend pleasant moments with friends, get new knowledge, harmlessly fool around during breaks, wait for holidays and remember school years with a smile. A rich school program and numerous tasks do not prevent students from having fun with friends, looking stylish, doing sports feats and making every school moment memorable. The heroes of the next games make friends, fall in love, have fun, gain knowledge and life experience, take the first steps into adult life and are determined with a future profession. Ready to go into an exciting adventure in the “temple of science” and plunge into carefree school times?

Queen of the ball or sports princess?

Today, Bonnie, recently arrived at Riverdale by exchange, first appears in a new school. A high school senior led a sports team support team and expects to occupy the same place in the new school. To become part of the team, she needs to show all her abilities as a cheerleader in Bonnie in Riverdale. Help the heroine choose the best outfit for the event, and at the same time look at the images for the school ball.
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School romance

Love can come when you do not expect it. This is exactly what happened with the heroes of the High School Romance game, who liked each other in school. Now every day lovers want to look stylish. Help Elsa and Jack choose fashionable outfits by visiting the dressing room to pleasantly surprise each other.
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Emotional lesson

Do you like social networks and think that they lack emoticons or stickers to express all your emotions? Then the game Emoji - My Moji Maker especially for you. These emodzhi make any chat bright and help pass the time in a boring lesson.
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University Ball for Princess

The heroine of the Graduation Hairstyles game has been diligently studying for a year to get a diploma with high points, and finally the long-awaited day has arrived. A university graduate girl needs to dress up in an appropriate outfit and make a gorgeous hairstyle. Soon she will be the queen of the ball, and now the student needs to go on stage during the graduation ceremony and look like a star.
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