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Who is the fastest in the world? Online games runners

Now there is a huge number of genres of online games that are in various degrees popular and in demand. But if we talk about running games, then this is probably the most fascinating and common genre of online mini-games. The popularity of this genre is due to the dynamism, sharpness of the plot and fascination. With such games, you can run, jump, overcome obstacles, collect bonuses and perform various tasks. Level by level online mini-runners will entice you with interesting events and unforgettable adventures. Try yourself in online mini-games of this genre, and you are guaranteed to love them once and for all.

Tomb Temple Run Safari Escape

The online mini-game Tomb Temple Run is a dynamic runner with a fascinating storyline. A cheerful traveler studying Africa fell into a tribe of cannibals. But he managed to escape and now you need to help him overcome all obstacles. Run through the jungle, collect bonus coins and avoid obstacles. Wild animals and evil aborigines will constantly meet on your way, shoot them down to get bonus points.

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Little Escape in Nut Rush

The little cheerful little squirrel went out to search for delicious acorns. In the online mini-game Nut Rush, you can make a company of a funny character. The squirrel is not very experienced yet, so he will need your help, help him deftly jump from branch to branch and collect all the scattered acorns. The level will be completed when the little squirrel gets to his home after fun walk.

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Back to the Mesozoic with the game Caveman Grru

Would you be interested to go for a walk with a primitive man and take part in fun adventures with him? Then try the online mini-game Caveman Grru. Walk through the primeval area together with the funny character. You need to constantly jump from one rock to another, trying not to fall into the abyss. Dinosaurs will be on your way, hit them with a bludgeon, otherwise, they will eat your character.

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Pokatushki on a sheep in the game Royal Rush

Cheerful king decided to demonstrate his dexterity and superiority in the online game Royal Rush. He climbed a sheep and went in search of adventure. Jumping on a sheep, try to collect as many bonus coins as possible. Jump on the hill and gently jump from them. Have fun from the heart, the main thing is that the king does not fall off the playful sheep.

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