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"Who said meow?": The best games about purr fluffs

Throughout the ages, they were worshiped, carried in their arms and fed with fresh fish. Seals managed to win the boundless love of man, because they are able to give a positive, even when they sleep. Everybody loves charming fluffies, ranging from sentimental housewives to brutal bikers. Rather, run online games, because usato-tailed heroes are already waiting for you!

"The Secret Life of Cats" or "Do not wake the beast in a cat"

Did you know that in time free from “work” by the touching fluffy cats, they fight evil? The tail of the hero of the game Angry Cat Shot dreams of becoming a superhero and trains in the technique of flight. Help the angry cat to cope with the tasks that he was assigned to work out in a superhero school. Shoot the fluff with a slingshot so that it will fly through the circular targets and collect all the star bonuses.
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Ambulance for baby cat

Cute kittens love to play in the yard, but this fascinating world harbors many dangers for fluffy clumps. Seals from the game Cute Cat Hospital need medical care, and our heroine opens a veterinary clinic. The best veterinarian will be able to pull out a splinter, cure the poisoning and restore the animals after injuries. And if the seals do not want to take bitter pills, you need to treat them to fresh fish, which will be hidden medicine. Joyful kids after the reception again frolic on the lawn. Ready for the first working day as a vet?
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The Incredible Adventures of the Fluffs

Seals love to climb into the boxes and on different tall designs. But to go back to the ground does not always work. Mistress of cats from the game Hello Cats Online can not find their pets. But the harmful murchalki climbed too high to return home. Using a magic pencil, help desperate fugitives not to fall to the ground. Make the cats a soft landing!
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Dive into adventure

Seals conquered land and moved to the study of the depths of the sea. The fluffy heroine of the game Kitty Diver performs an underwater exploration mission. On her bathyscaphe she sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but the underwater world was not as friendly as Kitty thought. Bombs, dangerous obstacles, rotating blades, octopuses and other obstacles block the path to the surface. The air in the aqualung ends, so Kitty needs to float faster. Help the cat get out of the sea trap!
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