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You are what you eat! Food Games

Food, food, food … It seems that the cult of food captured humanity. We are constantly trying to cook exceptionally delicious dishes, devote so much time and energy to food, we love to go to restaurants and try new delicacies. At the same time, everyone at least once in his life dreamed of becoming a real chef who knows how to create not simple food, but real culinary masterpieces. And if in real life, not everyone can comprehend culinary art, then in computer games everyone can become a master chef. Want to try on the role of a skilled cook or cafe owner? Then play browser from our selection.

Stack the pancake

A real chef knows how to not only prepare the dish, but also to effectively lay it out and serve it nicely on the table. In this game you will cook puffy pancakes and lay them on a plate. Your task is to build a tower of pancakes as high as possible. But be careful, because the larger the pyramid, the more likely it will collapse. Carefully lay out each pancake and score as many points as possible. Compete with your friends playing Stack the pancake and enjoy beautiful hand-drawn graphics.
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Stack the burger

Another exciting arcade on culinary themes, in which you have to cook burgers. Your task is to deftly move the bread and catch the falling ingredients. You have to prepare the dish strictly according to the recipe, so try to catch only those components that are listed in the recipe. If an extra component hits your burger, you have to replay the level. Enjoy thoughtful gameplay and high-quality graphics while playing Stack the burger.
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Hungry fridge

An exciting arcade game with a fun gameplay about a hungry fridge. Your task is to catch products flying by to fill the fridge. But you do not have to miss everything - you have to satisfy the wishes of your hero. Try to catch only the food that is listed in the game. The more tasks you perform correctly, the more points you earn. In this game you have to be attentive and dexterous. Spend time fun and perky, enjoying the game Hungry fridge!
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Cafe paris

Want to try on the role of a skilled waiter? Then play the game Caf Paris. In it, you have to serve all the customers of the establishment and not leave anyone hungry. Arrange guests at tables, hand them a menu, take orders, bring food and remove from the tables. The main thing in this game is not to lose time, otherwise outraged guests can leave without waiting for an order. Perform tasks and enjoy this dynamic manager.
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