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Young superhero. Online adventure games about Lady Bug

Thanks to these games you will get acquainted with the superheroine Lady Bag, and her companion Cat Noir. During the day, they live the lives of ordinary schoolchildren, and at night they reincarnate into the saviors of the city of the underworld. You can help them to resist the worst enemy Brazhnik, who is trying to subjugate all of humanity. We have collected games of various genres, so that you can definitely find something interesting. You can collect puzzles with images of these characters, select outfits for various events, and even try on the role of a doctor to help the heroine cope with a serious illness. And remember that the main characters do not even know about the true personalities of each other, so you need to make every effort to keep it a secret.

Marinette vs Lady Bug (Marinette vs Ladybug)

Lady Bagh went to visit her longtime friend Marinett. In honor of her arrival, the girls decided to have a grand party. They should look just amazing, and you need to help with this difficult task. Choose a heroine, and consider her wardrobe. Pick up a dress or suit to suit your taste, and then complement the image with suitable shoes and accessories. Girls should look great, so make every effort to please their result.
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Masquerade Lady Bag (Ladybug Masquerade Maqueover)

Lady Bagh received an invitation to the annual masquerade ball. She has just returned from the next raid on criminal areas, so her appearance leaves much to be desired, and you need to help her tidy herself. First you need to remove the small mote from the hair and smear the ointment with the cuts on the face. After that, start applying makeup and creating styling. Next, go to the wardrobe to choose the right outfit for such an important event. Do everything necessary to make the heroine unbeatable!
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Ladybug Leg Surgery

During the persecution of the criminal, Lady Bug stumbled and injured her leg. An ambulance brought her to the hospital, and you, as the attending doctor, will need to provide her with the necessary assistance. Inspect, roentgen, and only then proceed to treatment. On the left panel will be all the necessary tools. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the treatment successfully, and the girl could save the world again.
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