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This game is still under development!

We do our best to present you the game as soon as possible. In the meantime try out one of our other games. 🙂

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Doge Bathing Day

Cute dog from the game Doge Bathing Day all day playing outside with the children. Today she was a pirate, an alien monster, a circus clown, a yeti and herself. The last role was the most dangerous for a pure wool funny puppy. Now your pet is sitting in the bathroom, as we can judge from the footprints. Dirty puppy wants to be beautiful again, and you have to take care of him. Carefully bathe your dog using hair care products, wipe with a towel, blow dry, dress up in stylish clothes and feed with something tasty. To make the puppy enjoy the water procedures more, play some pirate games with her!

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