Chasing the michelin star

Impatient guests are already waiting for the opening of your new institution author’s cuisine. You have to think about the entourage of the place and its menu, pick up the staff and organize the work of the restaurant in the game Snacky Jack so that the restaurant business develops by leaps and bounds. Delight the demanding visitors with excellent corporate cuisine and first-class service to earn the highest culinary award!

Memory Puzzle
If you have passed The Tiny Farmer game several times and remember all the locations in detail, but you still want to ha...
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Mad Racer
Imagine that you are taking part in the rally and are currently crossing the desert in Mad Racer. In addition to cacti a...
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The Tiny Farmer
Tired of living in a noisy city? Do you miss nature? The Tiny Farmer is a game that will immerse you in the world of rur...
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