“Reap the benefits” of virtual labor

In a wonderful valley, there are no roads, supermarkets, and Internet access. But farmers from the Ganja Barn game do not have time to sit on the net, because every day they need to sow seeds, water sprouts, fight pests, monitor the harvest and collect it. Growing a non-standard crop, you have to turn your goods into specious coins. Ready to go on an adventure to where there is no Wi-Fi?

Doge Bathing Day
Cute dog from the game Doge Bathing Day all day playing outside with the children. Today she was a pirate, an alien mons...
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The Tiny Farmer
Tired of living in a noisy city? Do you miss nature? The Tiny Farmer is a game that will immerse you in the world of rur...
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Snacky Jack
The waiters put on a new uniform, employees of the hall finish cleaning, cooks prepare dishes according to company recip...
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