Universe of fantastic speeds

Your spaceship picks up speed and is going to fly towards the star adventures. In the game Space Racer, you go on a journey, moving along the “cosmic” highway. The non-standard race track is full of dangers, but the driver is racing to win at maximum speed, beating all opponents. Ready to take part in the intergalactic championship and cross the finish line first, leaving your opponents behind?

The Tiny Farmer
Tired of living in a noisy city? Do you miss nature? The Tiny Farmer is a game that will immerse you in the world of rur...
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Space Racer
Your research spacecraft was sent to another galaxy to get samples of cosmic dust. The alien study was successful, but t...
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Ice Cream Terror
Brutal ice cream is armed and goes on the warpath with unceremonious vegetables crowded in the garden. They decided to s...
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