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Zoo Blaster

Flames of celestial battles flare up on the horizon, but brave aviators send “iron” birds right into the middle of the fighting. Knights of the sky from the game Zoo Blaster confidently pilot military aircraft – a mix of airship and bomber. Once in enemy territory, you will fall into the real hell, where the sky is lit up with flashes of explosions. But brave warriors fearlessly face danger and firmly hold the steering wheel!

Money Maker Pro

In order to become a millionaire and gain improperly large capital, you need to have a wolf grip and be a professional in your field. The ambitious hero of Money Maker Pro decided to become a monopolist in all business areas. He plans to work with managers and investors to expand the scope of his activities. Bet on promising projects and invest in your first million!

Ice Cream Terror

Brutal ice cream is armed and goes on the warpath with unceremonious vegetables crowded in the garden. They decided to seize the country of sweets, but our cold friend from Ice Cream Terror is not going to melt away from such an offer. Armed with blasters that are loaded with chocolate and candy, he goes on the warpath. Looks like vegetables will have hard times!

Snacky Jack

The waiters put on a new uniform, employees of the hall finish cleaning, cooks prepare dishes according to company recipes, the bartender hones skills in juggling drinks, and the manager already counts the possible revenue. The institution of the author’s cuisine will soon begin work in the world of the game Snacky Jack. The last important touch is left – solemnly cut the ribbon and invite visitors to a new restaurant!

The Tiny Farmer

Tired of living in a noisy city? Do you miss nature? The Tiny Farmer is a game that will immerse you in the world of rural life. You can grow vegetables and fruits, breed animals and make different products. Also, you can sell your products to other farmers, expand the territory and open new locations. And more interesting things are waiting for you.

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